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“Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of intelligent effort.”

Local animator Ben Lewis in our Gibson suit.
Local animator Ben Lewis in our Gibson suit. © James Marsh

John Ruskin’s words resonated with us and we have taken his philosophy to heart, focusing on creating a carefully edited collection of beautifully made menswear. We try, where possible, to support British manufacturers and always favour British lead design.

After many requests we have extended our shop to include Women’s Wear, we have kept true to our philosophy  and our edit is as carefully chosen as in the Mens department.

Ruskin is ever evolving, but right now our brands include:-


Sunspel // Kestin Hare // Dobson // Vetra // Hiut Jeans // Universal Works // Gibson London // J-shoes // Monokel Sunglasses // Dasmarca // Timex // Syndicut //Folk //Armor Lux // Gloverall


Sunspel // Folk // Amor Lux // Vetra //  Gloverall // Timex // Maya Magal // Peregrin // Orcival



The ‘Ruskin Man’ project is an ongoing collaboration with local shop owner and photographer James Marsh; aiming to highlight the wide range of local business owners, artists and artisans who make Whitstable the vibrant community it is today. Our Ruskin Men were invited to come and choose an outfit they felt represented their unique style, and were then photographed in some of the iconic parts of Whitstable.


Our high street store is based in the seaside town of Whitstable, famed for its independent high street, Whitstable has managed to keep the high street largely free from chains. Ruskin is one of the only menswear shops in the town, but our industrial twist on seaside charm has marked us out from other clothing boutiques in the town. We have worked closely with our neighbours Flory and Black to create our wonderful statement lighting and our clothing rail is made from an old 8.2m ladder, once used in the Victorian ice factory in near-by Margate. All of which comes together to create an unique aesthetic, which we aim to mirror in our clothing.

Ruskin, 8 Harbour Street, Whitstable
Ruskin, 8 Harbour Street, Whitstable

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